Doctor! Doctor! It hurts when I do this.

I love my son’s doctors. Every single one. We’ve been lucky. They’ve been caring, and knowledgable, and they have had that rarest and most wonderful doctor quality of all – they’ve listened.

But sometimes it does feel like that old vaudeville joke.

Doctor! Doctor! It hurts when I do this!
Well . . . don’t do this.

That was vaudeville in the 1920’s. Now, the doctors have a different refrain: Water? Exercise? Sleep? You know the drill. Sometimes it feels like an ironic joke.

Yes, doctors keep asking the same questions. Making the same lifestyle suggestions. Why? Because those boring lifestyle changes actually help.

Doing all of those things may not stop the pain. Hydration, exercise, sleep, proper diet, taking pain medication as directed . . . You may not even see a change. You may be looking for that wonderful magic jelly bean – the pill that will fix the problem and make the pain stop.

I certainly still am.

But the things that keep healthy people’s bodies repair themselves are also critical for those who are chronically ill. Maybe even more critical, because homeostasis is harder to maintain.

I know for my own son, strengthening himself – drinking his water, sticking very carefully to his prescribed diet, aerobic exericse, stress reduction and biofeedback – are absolutely essential to allowing his rescue meds and pharmaceutical preventives to work effectively.

If he doesn’t do his part in keeping his body functioning, it can’t respond to his meds or other treatments.

So the doctors keep asking. And our app – 1step2life – is designed to help you build those habits and build your strength. It’s designed to keep you engaged and interested and involved in the things that bring you joy. Too often it takes a long time to find a way to treat chronic conditions.

We want you to be ready when that breakthrough comes.

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