Log your progress.
Not your pain.

An app for people living with chronic pain that lets you . . .

Start where you are.
Set your own goals.
Take back your life – one step at a time.

Pain shrinks your world.
We give you the tools to take it back.

Chronic pain shrinks your world until just lying in bed hurts. And every time you think about pain, it gets worse. How do you break the cycle?

Research shows putting your life on hold until the pain goes away is not the answer.

Taking action is the better course.

We start where you are and help you celebrate each, a chat with a friend, a walk around the block or coffee with a friend.

With 1step2life you can:

  • Set weekly goals
  • Record progress
  • Track mood and activities
  • Choose how often you want to track your pain – from daily to never
  • Visualize and relationship between your daily progress, mood, functioning, and pain

Daily tracking of:

  • Activities – bathing, cooking, and self care
  • Exercise – from getting the mail to physical therapy
  • Reaching out and caring for others – texting, socializing talking to pets
  • Stress reduction: recreation, fun activities, biofeedback, meditation, prayer
  • Sleep
  • Diet & Hydration
  • Medications

We’ll send you the science!

Chronic Pain 101

  • Neuroscience 101
  • The science of pain
  • Retraining the brain
  • Emotion and the perception of pain
  • Logging success, not pain
  • The science of pain rehabilitation

Parenting Children in Pain

  • Getting kids to school: Tips from the trenches
  • Getting kids out the door
  • Balancing challenge & support
  • Parents as coaches
  • Is it adolescence or is pain

Health Professionals

  • Navigating the healthcare maze
  • Beliefs about the limits of authority

Where do you want to start?

Living with Pain?

The 1step2life app begins where you are.

  • The Weekly Planner helps you set realistic goals and record how well you’re doing in 6 major areas: Exercise, stress reduction, sleep, diet, hydration, and mediction.
  • The Daily Planner easily records your positive and negative mood and celebrate your progress on daily goals.
  • We know that if it’s one of those days where you can barely make it out of bed you’re not going to work. Our intelligent diary only asks for next steps when you’re ready.
  • And yes, you can record your pain.

Caring for a loved one?

The 1step2life app helps you see beyond pain and pills

  • As a caregiver, you can record their progress on the Weekly and Daily Planner – great for parents who are trying to track the effects of new meds and treatment plans.
  • The Weekly Planner lets you set goals for yourself as a caregiver, helping you focus on building and maintaining a full relationship with your loved one.
  • The Daily Planner lets your record your moods. It helps you focus on caring for yourself
  • The Daily Planner helps caregivers focus on their loved one’s successes and reminds you to ask about their joys, share some fun, help them care for themselves, and build a relationship built on more than asking them about pain, pills, and homework.

Log your progress.
Not your pain.

Want to make this app work for YOU?

We are recruiting people in pain, parents and caregivers, and healthcare professionals to help us finalize the design and functionality before we release in June 2020.

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We respect your privacy.

The accounts of family members, caregivers, and those living with pain are completely separate. We know that for you to take control of your life you need to be honest with yourself. Privacy is essential to that process.

1step2life will never sell your data.

You can read our full Privacy and Cookie statement here.