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An app for people living with
severe chronic pain
and those who love them.

1step2life is the only app that focuses on what you can do, not how much you hurt.

  • Built on cutting edge developmental psychology & rehabilitation science, 1step2life helps you focus on your progress, your effort, and your emotions
  • 1step2life is the only app with a caregiver mode for parents, partners, and other carers that supports effective coaching & sustaining positive relationships

The 1step2life app lets you:

  • Start where you are.
  • Set your own goals.
  • Take back your life – one step at a time.

How does 1step2life work?

Most apps for people living with pain don’t help when your pain is chronic. When you’re always in pain, logging it doesn’t help. Studies show that thinking about pain makes pain worse. And if your pain is always there, why log it?

1step2life takes a different approach. We help you focus on progress: getting up and moving, reaching out to friends, making it to school or work, taking care of yourself and others.

If you live with pain

1step2life lets you set & track goals, log emotions, and record your progress:

  • getting up & out: leaving your room, taking a walk, going to school or work
  • self-care: showering, cleaning, taking meds, hydrating, and eating well
  • exercise & stress reduction
  • reaching out to friends & loved ones
  • taking care of others
  • doing things you love: playing video games, enjoying hobbies, playing with pets

If you love someone in pain

1step2life helps parents, partners, and caregivers support their loved ones. We help you:

  • Focus on their strengths and progress, so you see more than their pain
  • Strengthen your relationship and be a more effective helper
  • Care for yourself

Are you a clinician?

The 1step2life app is based on best practices in patient rehabilitative care. It can help patients and families make challenging lifestyle changes and build or maintain functioning in the face of pain or other chronic conditions. After you’ve met with them, 1step2life can help patients with treatment adherence.

1step2life can also help patients during the long waits endemic to busy practices. 1step2life can be used to help patients minimize loss during treatment delays. They can thus start treatment from a place of relative strength rather than a place of decline, especially when combined with effective patient education and reading.

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