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Log life. Not pain.

An app for people living with chronic pain that lets you:

Start where you are.
Set your own goals.
Take back your life – one step at a time.

Why log activities?

One of the things I noticed when my son’s pain was at its worst was that all I saw was his pain – what he couldn’t do. He couldn’t get out of bed to eat with us. He couldn’t make it to school. He couldn’t play or be with friends.

I had to look hard to see his success – how he struggled and SUCCEEDED making it to the kitchen to get himself tea. How he’d feed the chickens every day. How he could play video games and chat with friends online. How he’d make it to school – maybe hours late, but he’d make it!

Developmental research clearly demonstrates that adolescents are motivated by pleasure and reward. They are also motivated by short term gains more than long term promises.

I think all of us are.

In addition, research on pain rehabilitation shows that functioning – getting on with your life – comes before pain improves, not after.

Those two findings provide the basis of this app. You focus on what you succeeded in today. You’re reminded of what you hope to do tomorrow. You celebrate each step forward.

Can I log pain?

Logging pain can be useful, but can also make things worse. When people are asked about ain, they do a fast body scan and become more aware of pain that had dropped into the background.

That’s why we give you a choice. We can ask you about your pain every day, every week, every few weeks or never. Y

Where do I start?

The Weekly Log asks you how you’re doing in six major areas, including sleep, diet, exercise, relieving stress, and keeping goingout with your pain. That helps you think about where you are now and what you want to do next. Then, you can set up to three goals. We recommend setting one goal that’s a realistic next step, one that’s a stretch, and then something that will just improve you happiness, quality of life, or joy. The goals you set will appear in the Daily Log.

Want more information on the Weekly Check In?

You can get a full walk-through of the Weekly here.

What’s the Daily Log?

The Daily Log is where you’ll start or end your day. You can log both positive and negative feelings. We’ll ask whether you accomplished the goals you’ve set for yourself as well as dozens of activities that can be hard for people living with pain – checking in with family and friends, exercising, and caring for yourself and others.

The Daily Log focuses on success. Activities are tailored to you – we ask different questions of those going to school and those who work, those with pets, and those living alone.

Caregivers can log the activities of those they love – parents can log their children’s activities, for example. They can also log self-care and best practices in caregiving.

Logging is the core of the app and serves as record of all you’ve done, as well as a reminder of what you hope to do tomorrow.

Want more information on the Daily Check In?

You can get a full walk-through of the Daily here.

What Is Caregiver Mode?

In Caregiver Mode, you can log all the same things as a person in pain can: Emotions, Activities, Self-Care and Pain.

But Caregiver mode does more. It supports you as a coach by letting you log the support you provide, the standards you set, and the everyday interactions that help you sustain a loving relationship.

Why don’t you see what your child logs? Logging and keeping yourself accountable only works if you are honest with yourself. And privacy is essential to honesty. What you record about your child is private from them. And their data is private from you.

Caregiver Mode is unique to 1step2life.

Read more here.

Log life.
Not pain.

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