Living With Pain?

Pain shrinks your world.
We give you the tools to take it back.

Chronic pain shrinks your world until just lying in bed hurts. And every time you think about pain, it gets worse. How do you break the cycle?

Research shows putting your life on hold until the pain goes away is not the answer.

Taking action is the better course.

1step2life starts where you are and helps you celebrate each step forward: a chat with a friend, a walk around the block, or a romp with the dog.

Start where you are.

Track progress with just a touch: I made it to the kitchen, texted a friend, walked the dog, or got to school on time. Quickly log exercise, diet, stress reduction, caring for yourself and others, playing with pets and reaching out to friends. It’s there. Record and celebrate the things other people take for granted.

Everyone’s pain is different. Add your own goals: exercises from your physical therapist, finishing your homework, going on a date, journaling or building experience points in Minecraft, Whatever is important to you.

Track your mood to see how it changes with activities.  And yes, you can track your pain. Set 1step2life to log your pain daily, weekly, monthly, or never. You’re in control.

1step2life focuses on success. If you haven’t gotten dressed, we won’t ask you if you’ve been to work. 

Set your goals.

Review what’s working and what you need to work on in six areas: Getting Out, Sleep, Exercise, Diet & Hydration, Stress Reduction, and Medications.
Set goals that are aspirational, reachable, or will just make your life better.

Take back your life.

The two worst things about chronic pain are that it’s pain and that it’s chronic.

That’s not a profound statement, but it’s true.

The thing is, research says that when you get up and function with your pain the pain gets better over time. The longer you put your life on hold and wait for things to get better, the worse the pain gets. It’s a vicious cycle.

You’re not going to do it all at once. You’re not going to do it every day. But if you focus on what you CAN do and what you DID do, you can start making progress.

And take back your life. Once step at a time.

We can help. 

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We respect your privacy.

The accounts of family members, caregivers, and those living with pain are completely separate. We know that for you to take control of your life you need to be honest with yourself. Privacy is essential to that process.

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