Are you a young adult? Are you interested in moving our understanding of pain forward?

This is an ad for a study I've been working on with a student (Max Kramer) for the last year. My son took part in the first phase. Max is recruiting an additional 10 participants. It's pretty easy and participants do get paid. It will contribute to developing a machine learning algorithm to help better …

Getting Kids to Open Up

When your child is in pain, it's easy to focus in on the three things that worry us: pain, pills, and homework. I know for myself, just seeing my son's face triggers that mental checklist.

Priorities in Pediatric Pain: A Study In Contrasts

Today was a bad pain today. It was noon and already he'd taken all his rescue meds. He'd used all the tricks - double water, salt. He'd already done three hours of biofeedback. And there the pain was - a big looming suffocating force drilling into his brain.

Colors are Key!

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Many people living with chronic pain have a condition called photophobia - their brain interprets light as a painful stimulus. That can make looking at screens a painful experience and makes designing an app extra challenging!

Creating Videos To Teach Neuroscience

Creating videos that teach complex topics like how neurons fire is a challenge for content creators. That's one project that Oberlin College intern Carlos Armstrong faced when working with Nancy Darling on 1step2life - and app designed to help teens living with chronic pain get out of bed and take back their lives.

A Lung Transplant Puts College In Perspective

Art and Text: Carlos Armstrong Warning: this post includes photographs of surgical incisions some people may find upsetting. Division To me, chronic pain is more than just a subject to research. It is something constantly present in my own life. On the lower end of my pain scale, I have been living with debilitating chronic …

It’s not theory: Real voices from real people Real adolescents talking about living with real pain. 1step2life's core mission is to build an app that helps kids living with chronic pain get out of bed and into the world. There are many things that make this project special to me. One, in particular, is how many of the Oberlin students involved GOT …

Max Kramer models migraine spreading depression

Max Kramer worked with Oberlin Professor Emeritus Richard Salter and Dr. Nancy Darling to develop a computational model of the spreading neurological depression characteristic of the brain during a migraine. Max Kramer presents a spatial dynamic systems model of migraine spreading depression Compuational modeling is a way of using mathematical and logical modeling to simulate …

Research: Do kids believe it’s okay for parents to set rules about rehab?

Oberlin students presenter

As children become teens, they take more and more control over the decisions that govern their lives. Parents set rules, but teens who disagree with those rules have choices: they can obey, argue, or hide the fact that they're not doing what they're supposed to.In the US, most parents and teens agree that it's okay …

I Hate Pain

Teen in ER

I'd like to say that I started this company because of my altruistic interest in helping the world. That would be a lie. I started this company because over six short months my son went from healthy to hiding under his covers, in the dark, wearing welding glasses. He would shudder with pain because his …