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I have done a LOT of reading about pain and parenting kids in pain. These are summaries of some of my favorites.

Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation

This is a fantastic paper by Benore, Fahrenkamp, Zhakunets, & Banez (2020) on how pain rehabilitation works in children. One key point: function comes before pain reduction. If you wait until your pain goes away to start doing things, your pain tends to get worse. But if you start doing things, the pain tends to decrease over time. We were very fortunate to work with the Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Program when my son’s pain was at his worst. The 1step2life app is very much grounded in their approach.


Following a low tyramine diet has been absolutely critical to our family. The three posts we have on this topic are among our most popular. Here are the key points to pin to your refrigerator.

A Rescue Plan

It’s hard to think clearly when pain spikes. Planning ahead and assembling what you need will make it easier to cope when things get tough. This template will help you get started.

1steplife YouTube: Pain Education 101

Chronic pain is fundamentally different than acute pain and it needs to be treated differently. The 1step2life YouTube channel has videos about how the nervous system works, the logic pain rehabilitation, and a video for children and adolescence about chronic pain.

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