How did my doctor earn my trust?

How Do Doctors Build Trust?

Doctors, patients, and caregivers all bring something different to the table. All contribute to healing.

The patient has the lived experience. It is their body. Their life. It is their decision what they decide to do and take from the relationship in the hope of moving forward.

The caregiver brings support. Often – especially when it’s a parent caring for a sick child – they bring endless hours of research. They help translate what the doctor says into what happens in the home.

The doctor brings the technical expertise and specialized knowledge. They have an outsider’s perspective and they have often seen the very special scenario playing out in the home over and over and over again.

But it’s together that they make a team. And that team works best – often ONLY works – when each partner respects and trusts one another and what they bring to the table. Because they all share the same goal – moving forward towards a better life.

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