Almost there . . .

Getting ready for the release of the 1step2life app, we’ve been feeling like that pilot attacking the Death Star in Star Wars. Almost there . . . .

But we’re also feeling Excited! Enthusiastic! Proud! and Inspired! Because the app really is almost there and it’s looking AWESOME.

This is a shot of part of the Daily Check In. In dark mode, to make it easier for people with sensitive eyes. Asking about the positive and negative emotions we’ve experienced today (we’re feeling pretty good about it!).

Asking about emotions is part of how we help you track your progress. How much you’ve accomplished today – getting out, taking a shower, feeding a pet. How happy you are. Your positive and negative emotions. Even – if you choose to log it – your pain.

You can visualize the relationship between what you do and your emotional and physical state using graphs. Because taking back your life is more than just restoring functioning. It’s about finding joy.

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