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  • Five Finger Breathing

    Five Finger Breathing

    Stress and anxiety make pain harder to cope with. This simple technique uses no tech and no equipment. Just use a finger and a hand to help you time and slow down your breathing. Focusing on the touch can make it easier to focus on breathing. You can repeat this exercise as often as needed. […]

  • NYTimes Says There’s Never Been A Better Time To Have a Headache

    NYTimes Says There’s Never Been A Better Time To Have a Headache

    Sunday’s NY times published a front-page article on headache. It talked about the decades (centuries) of neglect of headache disorders – a disease identified as one of the most disabling diseases in the world today. It talks about the FINALLY rising awareness of the seriousness of these diseases. It talks about new headache treatments – […]

  • The 1step2life Podcast

    The 1step2life Podcast

    Do you enjoy podcasts? Follow the 1step2life on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other major platforms.

  • Beating yourself up about parenting?

    Beating yourself up about parenting?

    I have studied parenting on five continents for close to four decades. I’m also a mom — the mom of two sons, one of them who is very sick. I know what it is to beat yourself up about not being a perfect parent.  But too many parents beat themselves because they are trying to meet two entirely different, incompatible, and […]

  • Podcast: Parenting a Child With Migraine

    Podcast: Parenting a Child With Migraine

    I am so honored to be interviewed for the Living With An Invisible Injury podcast.  Listen here:

  • Almost there . . .

    Almost there . . .

    We’ve been feeling like that pilot attacking the Death Star in Star Wars.

  • New look! New tagline!

    New look! New tagline!

    While we love the look of our original logo, many of our users have found that it has TOO MUCH WHITE! and that’s just hard on the eyes if you have migraines or photophobia.

  • Priorities in Pediatric Pain: A Study In Contrasts

    Priorities in Pediatric Pain: A Study In Contrasts

    Today was a bad pain today. It was noon and already he’d taken all his rescue meds. He’d used all the tricks – double water, salt. He’d already done three hours of biofeedback. And there the pain was – a big looming suffocating force drilling into his brain.

  • Creating Videos To Teach Neuroscience

    Creating videos that teach complex topics like how neurons fire is a challenge for content creators. That’s one project that Oberlin College intern Carlos Armstrong faced when working with Nancy Darling on 1step2life – and app designed to help teens living with chronic pain get out of bed and take back their lives.

  • Oberlin Chalk Walk

    Oberlin Chalk Walk

    We joined Oberlin’s Chalk Walk to raise migraine awareness on national Shades of Migraine day. Follow our KnowledgeBase as it grows too!

  • Meet our interns: Alex Metz

    Meet our interns: Alex Metz

    1step2life is very fortunate to have Alex Metz interning with us this summer. We have spent hours each day developing content for the Knowledge Base. Alex has spent much of his time researching and writing about the neuroscience of pain. Alex is a senior at Oberlin College majoring in Creative Writing and Philosophy. He intends […]

  • Living the startup life

    Living the startup life

    Writing, developing an app, and laying out a strategic plan for both a knowledge base and business require a lot of thought. And a lot of tea! Blue Rooster Bakehouse is one of my favorite Oberlin spots – especially on rainy summer afternoons.

  • Learning To Give Science Away

    Learning To Give Science Away

    We are very fortunate to have three student interns working with us this summer – Carlos Armstrong, Mary Madison Baker, and Alexander Metz. During the month of June, they have been building the Knowledge Base section of our website. Writing clearly and well about topics like the neurological underpinning of pain can be challenging. We […]

  • It’s not theory: Real voices from real people

    It’s not theory: Real voices from real people

    1step2life’s core mission is to build an app that helps kids living with chronic pain get out of bed and into the world. There are many things that make this project special to me. One, in particular, is how many of the Oberlin students involved GOT involved because they suffer from pain themselves. When we […]

  • I Hate Pain

    I Hate Pain

    I’d like to say that I started this company because of my altruistic interest in helping the world. That would be a lie. I started this company because over six short months my son went from healthy to hiding under his covers, in the dark, wearing welding glasses. He would shudder with pain because his […]