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  • Programs to Treat Children in Pain

    Programs to Treat Children in Pain

    There used to be just a few dozen practices in the world that specialized in treating childhood pain. Now there are 100 in 16 countries. Check out the updated list.

  • The 1step2life Podcast

    The 1step2life Podcast

    Do you enjoy podcasts? Follow the 1step2life on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other major platforms.

  • Beating yourself up about parenting?

    Beating yourself up about parenting?

    I have studied parenting on five continents for close to four decades. I’m also a mom — the mom of two sons, one of them who is very sick. I know what it is to beat yourself up about not being a perfect parent.  But too many parents beat themselves because they are trying to meet two entirely different, incompatible, and […]

  • Mind the Gap: Neurons & Synapses

    Mind the Gap: Neurons & Synapses

    Migraine disease, fibromyalgia, long-COVID, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other chronic medical conditions are all caused by problems in how the nervous system functions. All medications for controlling pain work by changing how nerves – and particularly how neurotransmitters and synaptic gaps – work. So how DO they work? This short introduction provides basic information […]

  • Pain Is In Your Head. It’s Still Real.

    Pain Is In Your Head. It’s Still Real.

    Pain is invisible. That means any time, any place, someone can just kick you in the stomach by telling you that your pain is ‘all in your head’. That’s why it is so important for the people we love to believe us when we describe what we feel and it’s why we so value medical […]

  • Why the Definition of Pain Matters

    Why the Definition of Pain Matters

    In July 2020, the International Society for the Study of Pain redefined pain. It doesn’t sound like a big deal. We all know what pain is, right? Not something that would take a bunch of scientists several years consulting with many different stakeholders. But it is. Here is what they wrote: Pain is: “an unpleasant […]

  • Are migraines caused by an echo in the brain?

    Are migraines caused by an echo in the brain?

    Many types of pain – including migraines, amplified regional pain syndrome, and fibromyalgia – are caused by a failure of the nervous system. A negative spiral Acute pain protects us from tissue damage – we pull back from flames because we feel pain. Unfortunately, this healthy system can backfire. Many chronic pain conditions are caused […]

  • Assemble A Rescue Kit For Your Next Pain Spike

    Assemble A Rescue Kit For Your Next Pain Spike

    I walked into my son’s room this morning – it was immediately obvious it was one of ‘those’ days. Light sensitivity. Migraine spike. Fog. You know the gig. So I asked my usual self-care questions: Did you take your rescues? Water? Salt? Magnesium oil? Daily meds? “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.” No eye roll (thank […]

  • Sleep & Pain Rehab

    Sleep & Pain Rehab

    Pain Rehab: Building Strength To Push Back Pain People living with pain are most successful at taking back their lives when they take an active role in their recovery. (That’s one of the reasons that 1step2life focuses on emotions, activities, and functioning.) For most of us, there is no ‘magic jelly bean’ that will suddenly […]

  • We’ve Launched! The Weekly Check In

    We’ve Launched! The Weekly Check In

    Everyone’s pain is different and everyone is in a different place in their journey.

  • Allodynia: Smell the Roses

    Allodynia: Smell the Roses

    Focusing all your attention on one manageable area of sensation can drown out the sensation of pain.

  • Are You Faking It?

    Are You Faking It?

    Faking being sick? I’m faking being well. And not that successfully.

  • School: The Big Picture

    School: The Big Picture

    Families need to work together towards a shared goal: helping children grew into healthy happy adolescents and adolescents make successful transitions to adulthood.