We’ve Launched! The Weekly Check In

Where are you now?

Everyone’s pain is different and everyone is in a different place in their journey.

A great place to start your week is to think about where you are now. Think about how close you are to your personal goals on Exercise, Diet & Hydration, Mindfulness, Sleep, and Getting Out.

What’s Getting Out? How much you keep going despite the pain that’s holding you back – balancing pushing to do the things that are important to you and recharging your batteries when you need to regain your strength and get ready to fight another day.

Set Your Own Goals

After you’ve assessed where you are, set three goals for the coming week.

Concrete Goal: Set a goal that will help move you forward but is within your reach. Maybe moving from 300 to 500 steps a day. Or eating with the family. Or brushing your teeth.

Stretch Goal: Set a goal that’s a bit of a stretch. Something you can do with a push but maybe not all the time. Making it to school on time. Swimming. Getting the dishes done. What would take you to the next level?

Happy Goal: Set a goal that will make you happier. Strumming the ukulele. Playing with the cat. Brushing your hair. Reading. Listening to music. What brings you joy?

Next Step? The Daily Check In

Once you’ve set your goals, it’s time to start logging. Go to the Daily Check In and log your emotions, daily activities, and the goals you’ve set for the week.

Check out the 1step2life app!

Start where you are. Set your own goals. Take back your life. A tool for tracking goals, emotions, and success, not just logging pain. And the only app that has a mode specifically for parents, partners, and other carers that supports effective coaching and strong relationships.

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