Tyramine In Tiny Bites

I’m a professor and admit to being a bit long winded. I was asked to pull together information on tyramine into small bites so it was easier to read and digest.

So here we go! And if you want the long version, please read

What is tyramine?

I think I’m tyramine intolerant. What do I do?

Following a low tyramine diet can seem daunting, but it’s a lot more manageable than many other diets, like eating gluten-free. You can do this.

There are two important rules:

  • Reduce tyramine in your diet by avoiding foods like soy, cheese, and sausage. There’s a good list of foods to eat and avoid here.
  • Eat FRESH food – particularly proteins. That means buying meat and fish FROZEN (not thawed). Keep it frozen until you cook it. Freeze leftovers immediately and thaw before eating.

Shopping on a tyramine diet

Grocery shopping can be a challenge until you get into the swing of it. Read labels carefully! Soy, nitrates and nitrites, vinegar, smoking, and artificial smoke show up in many places you wouldn’t expect.

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