Hydration Tip 1

Hydration is every doctor’s go to recommendation for anyone living with chronic pain. But it helps. Your cells can’t function properly without sufficient water. Not drinking enough causes pain all by itself that can’t be distinguished from pain due to illness.

Plus – as I always tell my son – if you drink enough water, you KNOW you’re going to have to get up every hour so you can’t stay sedentary.

One of my favorite summer drinks is simple: bubbly water (seltzer), a Red Zinger tea bag, and frozen mango chunks. I mix up a glass in the morning, leave the teabag in to soak, and just keep pouring seltzer in when the glass gets low. To get my three liters a day – what’s recommended for people living with chronic pain – I try to finish one bottle by lunch, one by dinner, and one by bedtime. Sometimes I don’t, but that’s the goal.

I could go on about the Vitamin C in the Red Zinger, but the truth is, I just like how it tastes with the mango and seltzer. My son varies what he’s drinking every day because it just gets boring drinking all that water all the time. More favorite recipes to come.

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