Everyone’s got a friend with ‘the’ cure.

Everyone’s got a cure. Except your doctor.

You know they mean well. You know they care. In fact, they’re trying to be sympathetic and make a connection.

But when you tell them you have severe chronic migraines and they say ‘oh yeah, my sister-in-law gets migraines too’, and then ask if you if you’ve tried Excedrin Migraine . . . .

No, I’ve just been going to headache specialists for five years and they never mentioned over the counter pain killers.

On the other hand, it’s wonderful when someone says ‘Oh yeah, my sister had that . . . ‘ and they actually DO understand. They see when you walk into a room and cringe and they turn off the lights. They talk intelligently about SPG blocks and diet and how exercise helps some people and makes others worse. They GET it.

We all want to know what works and try things that might help. But we want to be listened to and have a dialog, not be lectured to by people who don’t recognize our expertise in our own bodies.




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