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  • Tyramine In Tiny Bites

    Tyramine In Tiny Bites

    I’m a professor and admit to being a bit long winded. I was asked to pull together information on tyramine into small bites so it was easier to read and digest. So here we go! And if you want the long version, please read It Tyramine Intolerance Triggering Your Brain Fog, Headaches, and Vomiting? Living […]

  • Living With a Low Tyramine Diet: Shopping & Cooking

    Living With a Low Tyramine Diet: Shopping & Cooking

    What is tyramine? Basics Tyrosine is one of the ‘big twenty” amino acids used to build proteins in animals, plants, bacteria and effectively all living organisms. Tyramine is a natural break-down product of the amino acid tyrosine.  There are 3 main ways high tyramine foods get into our diet. Some foods, like soy beans, snow peas, […]