Fantastic New Resource for Kids With Migraine!

Migraine Action has produced a fantastic resource for people with migraines and those who care for them. New resource!

Are you a young adult? Are you interested in moving our understanding of pain forward?

This is an ad for a study I've been working on with a student (Max Kramer) for the last year. My son took part in the first phase. Max is recruiting an additional 10 participants. It's pretty easy and participants do get paid. It will contribute to developing a machine learning algorithm to help better …

Children and COVID-19: What Parents Should Know.

I just wrote a new blog for Psychology Today on COVID-19 and kids. As the parent of someone who is chronically ill, I not only worry that he'll be sick with the flu or COVID-19 or a cold. I worry that getting any of those viruses will kick off another long spike in pain. Keeping …

Getting Kids to Open Up

When your child is in pain, it's easy to focus in on the three things that worry us: pain, pills, and homework. I know for myself, just seeing my son's face triggers that mental checklist.

New Edition Released of Parenting a Child in Chronic Pain

As a developmental psychologist who has studied parenting on four continents, I can tell you a lot about raising teenagers. But nothing prepared me for watching my son shaking under the covers flinching from the light, and unable to speak from pain.

New look! New tagline!

While we love the look of our original logo, many of our users have found that it has TOO MUCH WHITE! and that's just hard on the eyes if you have migraines or photophobia.

Priorities in Pediatric Pain: A Study In Contrasts

Today was a bad pain today. It was noon and already he'd taken all his rescue meds. He'd used all the tricks - double water, salt. He'd already done three hours of biofeedback. And there the pain was - a big looming suffocating force drilling into his brain.

Colors are Key!

purple pie chart

Many people living with chronic pain have a condition called photophobia - their brain interprets light as a painful stimulus. That can make looking at screens a painful experience and makes designing an app extra challenging!

Creating Videos To Teach Neuroscience

Creating videos that teach complex topics like how neurons fire is a challenge for content creators. That's one project that Oberlin College intern Carlos Armstrong faced when working with Nancy Darling on 1step2life - and app designed to help teens living with chronic pain get out of bed and take back their lives.