Want To Hear The Science?

I was excited beyond words to be asked to present the 1step2life app to the team at the Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation program on Monday.

Watch Dr. Darling’s talk on 1step2life on YouTube

These folks are my heroes. For all the pain and trauma that my son’s migraine disease has introduced into his life, we’ve been incredibly lucky to live close to Cleveland and the Clinic. Other people come from around the world to get the care that’s right next door. And their integrated approach – neuro, gastro, ENT, PT, chriopractor, biofeedback training, acupuncture, and outstanding clinical psychologists – is what everyone should have and too few people do.

So – yes, I was happy.

This half hour lecture lays out my own background as a parent and developmental psychologist. It presents some of our research on adolescents’ beliefs about pain as well as important things we know about how teens think – and I think ALL people think – that are relevant to understanding how people respond to lifestyle changes and pain rehabilitation.

Finally, it talks about the app itself, how it works, what went into its design, and how it might be used in clinical settings.

Although this is a talk for doctors, clinical psychologists, physical therapists, and social workers, I also think it will interest people living with chronic conditions and their parents.

Check out the 1step2life app!

Start where you are. Set your own goals. Take back your life. A tool for tracking goals, emotions, and success, not just logging pain. And the only app that has a mode specifically for parents, partners, and other carers that supports effective coaching and strong relationships.

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