Are you a young adult? Are you interested in moving our understanding of pain forward?

This is an ad for a study I’ve been working on with a student (Max Kramer) for the last year. My son took part in the first phase. Max is recruiting an additional 10 participants. It’s pretty easy and participants do get paid. It will contribute to developing a machine learning algorithm to help better understand the course of chronic pain.

As part of his seniors honors thesis at Oberlin College, Max Kramer is collecting data from 18-25 year old young adults living with chronic pain. Participants will complete a brief intake survey and, if selected, do a daily report of their pain for four weeks. Each day’s survey takes less than 5 minutes. Participants get $7.50 for every week of the study and a $5 bonus for every week they log every day (up to $50 total). If you have an adult child or know someone else in that age range who might be interested, please have them email Max at He will explain the full study. I am supervising the research and it has been fully reviewed by the Oberlin College Institutional Review Board for ethical treatment of human research participants. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.





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