Children and COVID-19: What Parents Should Know.

I just wrote a new blog for Psychology Today on COVID-19 and kids.

As the parent of someone who is chronically ill, I not only worry that he’ll be sick with the flu or COVID-19 or a cold. I worry that getting any of those viruses will kick off another long spike in pain.

Keeping Safe Without Panic

As parents, our first thoughts when we hear heightened reports of a new and potentially lethal virus is for our children. 

Are my kids in danger? 

Viruses like flu often hit the young, old, and vulnerable hardest. Reports of school closings increase our anxiety

Fortunately, current reports from the Center for Disease Control suggest kids are doing better than adults in coping with the novel coronavirus associated with Covid-19.

I am not a medical doctor and refer you to experts – like the CDC or the World Health Organization for updates on how to best protect yourself from the virus. 

What I am an expert in is parenting.  What we know about parenting during times of heightened anxiety and crisis is that children look to their parents for stability and security.  For young children, their sense of security – or their sense of fear – will come from you.  So how you respond is critical. 

Project calm, safety, and let them know you’re there for them.  Studies going back to World War II show that during times of uncertainty, kids look to parents for cues about how to feel.

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