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  • Balancing Challenge & Support

    Balancing Challenge & Support

    Urie Bronfenbrenner was one of the giants of 20th century developmental psychology. One of the founders of HeadStart, Urie had many favorite sayings about raising children. In additional to studying children for more than half a century, he also had five of his own. One person who is crazy about you One thing that fascinated […]

  • How To Help When Your Child’s in Pain: Listen

    How To Help When Your Child’s in Pain: Listen

    When my child’s in pain, my first instinct is to try to fix it. That’s my job right? But it’s not always what they need. Sometimes they need to vent and blow off steam. This is hard for us. It’s worse for them. If we jump in too fast we’re not giving them permission to […]

  • Following Doctor’s Orders

    Following Doctor’s Orders

    When teens don’t believe parents or doctors have the right to set rules, they don’t follow them.

  • Getting Kids to Open Up

    Getting Kids to Open Up

    When your child is in pain, it’s easy to focus in on the three things that worry us: pain, pills, and homework. I know for myself, just seeing my son’s face triggers that mental checklist.