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Podcast: Parenting a Child With Migraine

I am so honored to be interviewed for the Living With An Invisible Injury podcast.  Listen here:

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Supporting Parents of Teens & Children In Pain

I’m reading a book called The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig. It’s a fantasy – a parable really – about regret and depression and building a better life. Sounds odd for a book I picked because it was billed as ‘a feel good novel’ about a life well lived, doesn’t it? Did I mention that […]

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News 5 Cleveland Talks About 1step2life

We were very excited that Taneisha Cordell of News5 Cleveland, an ABC affiliated covered the development of 1step2life. Development of the app was inspired by my son, Sean’s, struggles with intractable persistent pain. He talks here about his struggles and how 1step2life has helped him feel empowered to take back his life. For their full […]