Meet Our Authors

Carlos Armstrong

Carlos Santiago Armstrong

Carlos Armstrong is a 2019 Oberlin graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology. Carlos has lived with chronic migraines and respiratory issues their whole life, undergoing a double lung transplant and double bypass in April 2018. They are deeply interested in using art therapy as a means for younger children and adolescents to communicate thoughts and emotions that they may not be able to express yet. Carlos is working on their Masters of Social Work at Adelphi University in Long Island.

Mary Madison Baker

Mary Madison Baker is a fourth year student at Oberlin College, in Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, & Feminist Studies. Interested in clinical psychology, sociological research, and documentary filmmaking, MM is not sure what post-graduation will bring, but has tentative plans to attend graduate school to pursue clinical psych. Most recently, MM enjoyed working for a semester as a research intern at the Institute of Sociology in Prague, Czech Republic. MM began working with 1step2life in 2019 as a summer intern and enjoys climbing, dancing, fixing bikes, taking pictures, drinking coffee, and playing music.

Alex Metz

Alex Metz
Alex Metz

Alex Metz is a senior at Oberlin College majoring in Creative Writing and Philosophy. He intends to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing as well as a PhD in Philosophy. Metz previously worked as a writer for Oberlin College’s science magazine, The Synapse, and has written crosswords for The Oberlin Review. Fiction credits include “The Edge of Convergence” published electronically in Purple Prose Magazine, and “Lilac Hydrogen Jukebox” currently a long-list finalist for publication in Brain Mill Press’s science fiction anthology. Metz’s current project is Centuries, a collection of stories centering on humanity’s flight from Earth, our place in the cosmos, and the struggle of the individual to survive on a planet steeped in the legacy of post-modernity. Metz’s work with 1step2life began in spring of 2019.