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  • What’s the difference between a service dog, therapy dog, and emotional support dog?

    Service, therapy, & emotional support dogs are very different from each other. Learn how!

  • Programs to Treat Children in Pain

    Programs to Treat Children in Pain

    There used to be just a few dozen practices in the world that specialized in treating childhood pain. Now there are 100 in 16 countries. Check out the updated list.

  • Five Finger Breathing

    Five Finger Breathing

    Stress and anxiety make pain harder to cope with. This simple technique uses no tech and no equipment. Just use a finger and a hand to help you time and slow down your breathing. Focusing on the touch can make it easier to focus on breathing. You can repeat this exercise as often as needed.…

  • Are you drinking TOO MUCH water?

    Are you drinking TOO MUCH water?

    Hydration is important for everyone. Folks with chronic pain get really tired of being asked if they’re drinking enough water. I know my son does. But how much too drink is a more complicated question than it first appears. And important enough to thinking about before rolling your eyes when asked – when more time…

  • Opiates and Chronic Pain

    Nociception is typically the most common explanation for the sensation of pain–small sensory neurons called nociceptors that send electrical signals from peripheral body tissue to the central nervous system and the brain when a noxious stimulus or dangerous event occurs. Although nociception cannot be felt and is not the same thing as the experience of…

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