Pain Rehabilitation Stress Reduction

Allodynia: Smell the Roses

Focusing all your attention on one manageable area of sensation can drown out the sensation of pain.

1step Comics Stress Reduction

How to Relax in 5 Minutes

Pain, stress, and emotional distress are in the mind, but express themselves in physical tension. You can feel it in that tight neck, those stiff shoulders, and in that clenched jaw and hands. Notice that your back teeth hurt just a little? Feel that twinge between your shoulders? Back ache just a bit? The relationship is […]

1step Comics First Person Stress Reduction

Incomplete Acts, Everyday Anxiety, and Getting Things Done

Four strategies to organize work and decrease anxiety.

First Person Stress Reduction

Control Your Focus

I’ll be honest. I spend my life crazy stressed. I have a job that my husband describes as ‘flexible – you can work any 60 hours a week you like’. And then I have two more jobs – I am Editor in Chief of the Journal of Adolescence and I’m also starting this company. And […]