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  • Sleep: The Final Fronteir

    Sleep: The Final Fronteir

  • Learning Biofeedback Doesn‘t Have to Be Hard

    Learning Biofeedback Doesn‘t Have to Be Hard

    Biofeedback is a set of techniques that allow you to exert conscious control over what are normally involuntary biological functions. For example, consciously slowing your breathing and heart rate are common forms of biofeedback. With more practice, you can learn to increase circulation in your hands and warm them up. You can become more conscious […]

  • Weighted Blankets: For Better or Worse?

    Weighted Blankets: For Better or Worse?

    Like many people over the last few years, I invested in weighted blankets for members of my family. I’d read they are particular good for improving sleep and reducing anxiety. Because I had always slept markedly better with heavy quilts, that made sense to me. I followed the guidelines for buying them: 5-10% of your […]

  • The Importance of Sleep

    The Importance of Sleep

    Why is Sleep So Important? Sleep is your body’s way of letting the brain rest. Getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night has a number of positive effects: improved concentration, metabolism, immune system functioning, reduced depression, and inflammation. Lack of sleep can block signals in the nociceptive pathways, which increases the perception of […]

  • Sleep & Pain Rehab

    Sleep & Pain Rehab

    Pain Rehab: Building Strength To Push Back Pain People living with pain are most successful at taking back their lives when they take an active role in their recovery. (That’s one of the reasons that 1step2life focuses on emotions, activities, and functioning.) For most of us, there is no ‘magic jelly bean’ that will suddenly […]