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  • Patience


    One of the best things I learned when my son became ill with chronic migraines was patience. That and teamwork. The Doctors will tell you that adolescents with migraines have to keep interacting with the world.  That is really difficult for parents to get their heads around. Kids have to keep going to school even […]

  • Pain and the TMJ: It’s complicated!

    Pain and the TMJ: It’s complicated!

    It’s really sort of amazing how complicated the working of the jaw is and how little we even think about chewing and swallowing until something goes wrong. I became interested in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and its related dysfunctions a couple of years ago when my mother took a really bad fall. She got a […]

  • SPG Blocks

    SPG Blocks

    The previous post, Ganglia, Facial Nerves, & the SPG, described ganglion structure and function and the relationship of the SPG (sphenopalatine ganglion) and how it’s related to other facial nerves. The SPG is is a focal point for two cranial nerves, covering from the temples forward, down through the jaw, and back to the ears. […]

  • Ganglia, Facial Nerves, & the SPG

    Ganglia, Facial Nerves, & the SPG

    Neurons are made up of cell bodies and finger-like dendrites. A ganglion is a clustered bundle of nerve cell bodies and associated dendrites assembled together to accomplish a discrete function.  For example, the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) is located deep between the eyes. Among its many functions are regulating blood flow in the turbinates and facial […]

  • The Trigeminal Nerve

    The Trigeminal Nerve

    When we think of nerves going up to and down from the brain, everyone knows about the spinal column. But there are also twelve pairs of nerve bundles that exit the bottom of the skull directly that have nothing to do with the spinal column. These are called cranial nerves.  Cranial nerves are involved with […]

  • Living With a Low Tyramine Diet: Shopping & Cooking

    Living With a Low Tyramine Diet: Shopping & Cooking

    What is tyramine? Basics Tyrosine is one of the ‘big twenty” amino acids used to build proteins in animals, plants, bacteria and effectively all living organisms. Tyramine is a natural break-down product of the amino acid tyrosine.  There are 3 main ways high tyramine foods get into our diet. Some foods, like soy beans, snow peas, […]

  • What’s This About Gluten?

    What’s This About Gluten?

    It was my cousin who was laughing on Facebook. “They’ve taken this whole fad way too far! Now they’re selling gluten-free dog food! Idiots!”   Admittedly it looks ridiculous. As far as I know, dogs do not get celiac disease. But the people feeding dogs that handle the dog food do. I should know. Allergies, […]

  • A Life Changing Event

    A Life Changing Event

    When do I get my old life back? The answer is, you don’t. That’s why they call it a ‘life changing event.’