Caregiver Mode: Unique to 1step2life

A mother’s despair

This app began as a search for a tool. My son was in horrible pain – in bed, in the dark, barely holding on to school.

When I looked at him, my first thought was always the same – How much pain is he in? Then I’d wonder if he’d taken his meds.

If he was okay, I’d ask about homework.

My fears, not his needs. People living with chronic pain can make their pain worse by constantly doing body checks and looking for pain. I was doing the same thing, but from a mom’s perspective. I would anxiously search his face for pain until that was all I saw.

1step2life was designed for moms like me. It helps caregivers see more than pain and supports them as effective coaches.

People in Pain AND their Caregivers

When we began developing the 1step2life app, the needs of caregivers were at the front of my mind. We surveyed hundreds of moms on the Facebook Pediatric Teen & Young Adult Migraine and Headache Disorders Parent Support Page. (I love you guys!) We interviewed parents of teens living with pain and talked to spouses, friends, and partners or people living with depression and chronic illness.

They told us they wanted two things: to be able to track pain and functioning and to build a better relationship with the person they loved.

We developed the Caregiver mode of 1step2life to meet those needs.

1step2life . . .

  • Lets you track your child’s/spouse’s/partners pain, functioning and mood.
  • Supports you as a coach by tracking positive behaviors that foster autonomy and build relationships that are not centered around illness.
  • Reminds you to take care of yourself.

Caregivers can log all the same things that people living with pain can – emotions, pain, and functioning.

And they can support the people they love by fostering their autonomy and helping them to see the world as filled with more than pain. A place of hope, joy, and accomplishment.

Check out the 1step2life app!

Start where you are. Set your own goals. Take back your life. A tool for tracking goals, emotions, and success, not just logging pain. And the only app that has a mode specifically for parents, partners, and other carers that supports effective coaching and strong relationships.

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