We are getting so close!

The developers have been working hard to take our dream and turn it into an app that you can download from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

We are getting so close!

We are currently working through our fourth version of the app, making sure the user interface is as clear and easy to use as we can make it.

In developing our initial text, we interviewed teens and young adults living with chronic pain, talking to them about what was hardest for them and what helped them to keep going and get through. We surveyed hundreds of moms of children, teens, and young adults living with chronic pain. We drew on the superb resources for children in pain and their parents and talked to clinicians, clinical psychologists, and physical therapists.

And of course we drew on our own experience. Most of our original development team lives with chronic pain and I spend hours every day on support sites talking online with those living with pain and their caregivers.

But that doesn’t help us explain our privacy policy, how to set up an account, or get the order right for those first opening screens! Developing an app means pulling together thousands of details – each one important.

We are working hard to develop an app that will be easy for you to use and become an essential tool in your journey to take back your life.