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Nancy Darling, Founder 1step2life

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Great Books for People in Pain

I have done a LOT of reading about pain and parenting kids in pain. These are summaries of some of my favorites.


Following a low tyramine diet has been absolutely critical to our family. I’m very proud of the three posts we have on this topic. Here are all the key points to pin to your refrigerator.

A terrific paper on pain rehabilitation for children & teens

This is a fantastic paper by Benore, Fahrenkamp, Zhakunets, & Banez (2020) on how pain rehabilitation works in children. One key point: function comes before pain reduction. If you wait until your pain goes away to start doing things, your pain tends to get worse. But if you start doing things, the pain tends to decrease over time.

Prepare a rescue kit

Who can think when they’re having a spike? A guideline for putting together a rescue kit to help you feel better when you’re feeling bad.

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Start where you are. Set your own goals. Take back your life. A tool for tracking goals, emotions, and success, not just logging pain. And the only app that has a mode specifically for parents, partners, and other carers that supports effective coaching and strong relationships.

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