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What is pain?

Condition-specific info & advocacy

Resources for Parents


Biofeedback, Yoga & Coping


What is Pain & How Does it Work? 



  • This website explains the science behind acute and chronic pain pathways:



*Kid Perspective: What Is Pain?* 



*Parent Perspective: Explaining Pain*



How does Pain become Chronic? 


Parents: How to Help Your Kids in School 


504s vs. IEPs



The Coalition Against Pediatric Pain: Contains helpful information for kids, parents, & physicians, a parents-talk blog, programs, resources, and events


The Comfort Ability: Program & Support-Group for chronic pain patients and their caregivers




Online Resources from Rachael Coakley’s Book:


American Academy of Pediatrics


Kids Health from Nemours


Pain and Your Child or Teen


Pain Resource Centre


Teach Pain

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy

Association for Behavioral & Cognitive Therapists

Biofeedback Certification International Alliance

Move Forward PT

“The Mystery of Chronic Pain” A TED Talk by Dr. Eliot Krane

“Why Things Hurt.” A TED talk by Dr. Lorimer Moseley


Other Online Resources:

Pain Management Network’s Videos: explainations of pain by adolescents in chronic pain and their parents.

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Medication Resources

DailyMed: 92,000+ drug listings with FDA approved package inserts. Has reportable adverse reaction listings for the FDA’s MedWatch program, and can help identify pills.

Veruse Arthritis: Painkillers and NSAIDs: a general explanation of what the various types of painkillers are and their practical applications.

RxList Drug Interaction Checker: Massive online database that can easily check for major drug interactions.


Stress Reduction Resources

Free Audio Mindfulness Mediation Guides: helps guide through mindfulness meditation

Four Square Breathing: breathing technique to help calm the body.


Diet Resources

Pain Doctor Dietary Advice: Outlines different diets that are easy to keep down and process.


Hydration Resources


Hydro Coach: Regular reminders to drink water.

Daily Water Tracker Reminder: set reminders with daily water goals, easy to log water you have drank.

Exercise Resources

Do Yoga With Me: Huge online database of free yoga workouts. Very beginner friendly.


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Our Youtube Channel for Explain Pain and Tai Chi Videos