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The 1step2life team is writing away, providing the best content and resources we can to help teens in pain and their families. Check back soon.

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What’s in our Knowledge Base? What’s not?

The goal of the Knowledge Base is to provide accurate, clear information on pain, pain rehabilitation, and the social impact of living with pain, including information specifically on parenting children and adolescents in pain.

We are not medical professionals, so can’t make recommendations. We can provide accurate summaries of the scientific literature with citations that you can check. We can also provide links to other reputable sources.

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Voices of pain and hope

Real voices of real adolescents talking about how to keep going.

Listen to the voices of real kids in real pain talking about how they get through and get on with their lives. All of these young people have worked on our team and contributed to the 1step2life app. Real people telling real stories.

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