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  • Biofeedback: A Skill Not A Pill

    Biofeedback: A Skill Not A Pill

    Biofeedback is a skill, not a pill. Unlike medications, it is something that you need to practice between sessions and learn to make it effective. I’ve heard people only try it once or twice and then give up because they got a migraine anyways. It’s not something that works right away. You need to practice […]

  • How can you use biofeedback?

    How can you use biofeedback?

    Biofeedback has many potential applications. Short term, you can embed breathing and conscious relaxation and bodily control into your everyday life. This changes amygdala functioning to reduce pain and can help you foster mindfulness. I combine biofeedback with meditation and sometimes binaural sound to manage my migraines. I can only rarely get rid of them, […]

  • What is biofeedback?

    What is biofeedback?

    Biofeedback is a technique used to train yourself to control your body’s functions. Examples being your breathing, heart rate and tempurature. It’s really great for handling chronic pain. With practice it can be used to help identify what is causing your pain and I’ve even been using it to help turn off migraines when I […]

  • Biofeedback: Another Tool in Your Kit

    Biofeedback: Another Tool in Your Kit

    Chronic pain is something that can be treated in many ways. When I first got migraines, they were sudden and devastating. Within six months I went from perfectly healthy to migraines that lasted days to a week at a time. They were incredibly painful. I was unable to move and barely even able to go […]

  • The Habits of Pain

    The Habits of Pain

    It’s hard to find that balance between pushing too hard and giving up. But if you want things to change, laying down new habits is a start.

  • 504s & IEPS: Children Have The Right To Go To School

    504s & IEPS: Children Have The Right To Go To School

    Although there are many things about living with a chronic condition that are tough for children and their parents, school is one of the most frustrating. This is a brief introduction to IEPs and 504s – the two major legal mechanisms governing the provision of educational services to students with disabilities in the United States. […]